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The Best of Italy

  • Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan


March- October


10 Nights

Starting From

INR 1,18,000 (p.p)


  • Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and Colosseum in Rome
  • Rialto bridge & Gondola rides in Venice to Open Air Museum & Outlet shopping in Florence
  • Leaning tower of Pisa and wine tours in Tuscany from Florence
  • Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and Colosseum in Rome

3 Nights

Stroll around the city’s plaza
You touchdown the capital of Italy over, Rome over 8 hours journey by air  from Delhi. As you arrive you spend your first day embarking your Italian escapade by lazing around the plaza and indulge in some Italian delicacy in the evening.

Tour to the iconic Colosseum and Vatican City
The following day you set off for a full day tour to the most spectacular ancient Flavian amphitheatre and monument , The Colosseum and the Vatican city is the smallest state of the world and also the Papal’s residence in Rome. One needs over a day to cover the Vatican city and our Travel Engineer’s suggestion is not to miss the Michelangelo Chapel the restored ancient chapel, the enchanting Vatical gardens with beautiful gardens, fish pools!  There is no better way to reconnect to the medieval times by visiting The Vatican City.

Visit the majestic Trevi Fountain
The following day we make you visit the popular Trevi Fountain and its magnificent sculptures. Don’t forget to flip the coin on the fountain and make a wish!

3 Nights

Explore the open air museum like city by foot
You now move to the home of masterpieces of many renaissance art and architecture Florence over a 1 hour 20 mins train journey from Rome! Florence is like an open air museum, as you arrive on your first day, you could just walk the majestic lanes admiring the most iconic sights Duomo, gorgeous cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome engineered by Brunellesch and the most popular Michelangelo’s David’s sculpture at the Galleria dell’Accademia . Grab an evening wine and Italian dinner at a cosy café or bar at the main square.

Day trip to Leaning tower of Pisa
The following day you set out for an all day tour to the most iconic sights in Italy, Leaning tower of Pisa in Tuscany followed by an optional wine tour to Lucca Vineyard,one of the gems to the Italian crown! indulge in some chianti in the local winery and spend your day relaxing and strolling around!

Luxury shopping at The Mall
If you’re a luxury brand fan then opt for a quick tour to The Mall the most popular luxury brand outlet in Tuscany on your third day just about 45 minutes drive from Florence and indulge on some great deals on your favourite brands from Gucci to Prada.

3 Nights

Explore the narrow maze of cobbled walkways and the famous Rialto Bridge
From the open air museum you now head to the floating city, Venice over a 2 hours journey in a train. Venice is known to have the feeling of love in the air and there is romance in every corner of those narrow maze like walkways connected with small bridges and canals underneath. On your first day you immerse yourself in the vibe of the city and visit the famous Rialto Bridge followed by an evening meal and fancy drinks at a café or bar by the canal.

Take a gandola ride and visit the St Mark Basilica
The next day you explore the iconic mosaic covered interior and Byzantine treasures of St Mark Basilica and the political heart of Venice at the Doge’s Palace. You will get to capture some magnificent panoramic views from the Baslica terrace.
Enjoy the local way of commuting in a water taxi, take a gondola ride back in time and get lost in the magical narrow lanes opening into massive squares filled with bars, shops and cafes amidst the historic sites on the square !

Optional tour to Murano Glass factory
You could add an optional tour to Murano glass factory and watch the glass making process on your last day in Venice!

1 Night

Galivant on the famous Duomo and admire the iconic Milan Cathedral
From the floating city you arrive now to the fashion capital, Milan over 2 hours 40 minutes train journey! A quick stopover just before your flight back home, spend your day at the Piazza Del Duomo and explore the Milan Cathedral. Our Travel Engineer recommends sipping on a nice cocktail at open street bars and cafes overlooking the magical light up Milan Cathedral! It’s an awesome experience.

Its finally time to return home after this rather luxurious European escapade!




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