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Historic and Coastal Delight - Turkey + Greece

  • Athens + Mykonos + Santorini + Istanbul


April to October


11 nights/12 days

Starting From

INR 1,00,000 (p.p)


  • Acropolis , Temple of Olympic Zeus and Cape So union in Athens.
  • Superb nightlife and relaxed coastal vibe of Mykonos and Santorini
  • Swimming in the golden beaches of Rhenia island and exploring Apollo’s birthplace Delos island.
  • Historic Delight, Sunset Yacht and cultural discovery of Istanbul

Athens - 2 nights

Unwind and Relax
Touchdown in the capital city of Greece, Athens after a 10 hour flight from Delhi. After you settle at your hotel you spend the next 2 days exploring the ancient city , the heart of ancient Greece with a powerful civilization and empire. We let you relax on your first day and prep you up for a full day tour to admire the ancient treasures of Athens and Cape Sounion.

Explore the Athen’s historic sites
We take you to the iconic Acropolis and Temple of Olympic Zeus followed by a drive to Cape Sounion in the afternoon for spectacular views of the Saronic Gulf and the ancient Temple of Poseidon perched dramatically atop sea cliffs.

Mykonos - 3 nights

Take a ferry to bustling and vibrant Mykonos
After journey back to ancient Greece , we now head to the Island of the winds in a ferry amidst Aegean Sea to Mykonos. While the conventional ferries take about 4-5 hours to Mykonos from Athens, our Travel Engineer recommend the fast ferry which can get you to Mykonos is just 2.5 hours. Upon arrival after settling into your Hotel , you can go ahead and explore this cosmopolitan island of Cyclades with superb nightlife or indulge in the traditional MykonianSpiti delicacy !

Take yacht to unexplored islands of Rhenia and Delos or hike up Mt Kythos for spectacular views
The following day you embark your journey to explore the beautiful Cyclade Islands and explore the uninhabited islands of Rhenia and Delos on a full day yacht cruise from Mykonos. You get to swim and snorkel off the golden sand beach of Rhenia island, explore birthplace of Apollo as per the Greek mythology in delos island  or hike up the Mt Kythos for spectacular views of sea and surrounding islands and indulge in a lavish Greek meal before you head back to Mykonos later in the evening.

Take a Mykonos island tour
You can explore the island the following day or opt for a Mykonos island tour and walk through the beautiful narrow streets of the island.

Santorini - 3 nights

Take a ferry to Santorini and relax over a sunset sailing later in the evening
The next morning after a hearty breakfast you head to the magical island Santorini over 2.5 hours journey in a fast speed ferry from Mykonos. After your arrival early in the afternoon we take you on a Sunset Sailing Catamaran cruise to soak up the chilled out vibe of Santorini.

Explore picturesque villages with whitewashed houses and blue roofs overlooking deep blue Mediterranean
You can spend the next 2 days strolling through the picturesque villages admiring the treasures of the island. Santorini is one of the most popular insta destinations and your trip to this island is incomplete without a picture with the whitewashed houses with blue roofs on a cliff alongside deep blue sea and guess what we make this more fun by appointing your personal photographer to capture you with the most photogenic destination in Europe !

Istanbul - 3 Nights

Take a Bosporus cruise to admire illuminated historical sites of Istanbul at sunset and indulge in vibrant night bazaars
After a dreamy vibe of Santorini, we will take you to Istanbul one of the major city of Turkey with fascinating museums and mosques , vibrant culinary markets and sprawling night bazaars ! After you settle at your hotel , we set out in a private yacht journey down the Bosporus at sunset where you will explore the iconic waterway that divides Europe and Asia. Absorb the vibrant nightspots of Istanbul while sipping on a glass of Champagne.

Take a guided tour to city’s historic sights
The following day we take you experience historic places starting with the Hippodrome Square bustling with pounding hooves and charioteers , Iconic Blue Mosque  ,Byzantine mosaics and minarets of St Sophia , Topkapi Palace  , Ottoman Mosque and you will stop at Dolmabahçe Palace for a guided tour and explore the alluring scents and colors of the Spice Bazaar.

Indulge in local shopping and take a magical night tour of the city
Before you bid a goodbye to Instanbul, on your last day you could just stroll around and indulge in some local shopping and head out for the night tour of this magical city where you visit top highlights and hotspots and indulge in some interesting food tasting!
And then its time to head back home after a rather relaxed holiday !



Euro & Turkish Lira


English / Greek and Turkish


Mediterranean climate of cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers


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