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Golden Ring , Museums & more - Russia

  • St Petersburg + Moscow + Golden Ring


March - October


9 nights

Starting From

INR 1,05,000 (p.p)


  • City of czars, Russian Versailles , historic bars and cafes in St. Petersbur
  • The State Tretyakov Gallery  and The Russia Diamond fund in Moscow
  • Ring like arrangement of cities – The Golden Ring

St Petersburg -3 nights

Explore the heart of the city’s main street NevskyProspekt
Touchdown the “City of Czars” , St Petersburg over a 7 hour flight from Delhi. A quick check in to your hotel near NevskyProspekt the main street of the city and after you’ve refreshed yourself you will head out to enjoy the city’s panorama at night and the many beautiful bridges of the city in a night sight-seeing bus tour! Later enjoy a stroll on the NevskyProspekt main street and indulge in some historic bars and cafes !

Visit the UNSECO heritage Russian Versailles and watch a Russian Ballet show at Marjinsky Ballet in the evening
After a good night’s rest , the next few days you spend your time exploring St Petersburg that offers a fascinating glimpse into Russia’s historical relics. Today you will start with the famous UNESCO heritage sight “Russian Versailles” residence founded by Peter I, a stunning palace in  Peterhof that sits majestically, reigning over the gardens below and channel that runs from the Grand cascade , a unique network of fountains straight out of the sea. The palace stands on a natural terrace facing the sea like a centrepiece of Peterhof.

Spend your day strolling in the palace’s lovely gardens of Venus and Bachhus, take a 30 mins hydrofoil journey on the Neva River and Gulf of Finland back to the city. Later in the evening catch a authentic Russian ballet show at 18th century leading ballet companies the renowned Mariinsky Ballet. Our Travel Engineers recommend to look up the line-up and pre book your show in advance.

Admire the architectural brilliance of St Petersburg and visit Hermitage
St Petersburg also known as the “Venice of North” , with architectural brilliance in every corner of the city ! Today after a hearty breakfast at your hotel , you will start you day visiting the world famous Hermitage , home to 3 million monuments of culture and art. Hermitage with 5 historical buildings is often compared to Lourve or British Museum for being a world class museum with artworks by Leonardo Da Vinci , Matisse and Picasso.

Visit the Vodka Museum for Vodka Tasting followed by a boat ride along the Neva River for spectacular views of the illuminated city
Your trip to Russia is incomplete without indulging in a Vodka tasting session so today early in the afternoon you will head to the famous Vodka Museum where you will get to taste three variants of Vodka and learn how it is distilled.  Later in the evening embark on a leisurely boat ride along St Petersburg's Neva River?as well as a trio of other waterways?taking in the illuminated city from an entire new view.

Visit the Pushkin Palace , residence of Russian Tsars
On your last day in St Petersburg after check out from your hotel , you set out to explore the magnificent summer residence of the Russian Tsars , Pushkin Town at the Pushkin Palace and Park where you will find a jewel of Russian Boroque , The famous Catherine Palace. We will arrange special entry to the amber room decorated in amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors ! Feel like a special guest walking through the park in the Residence of an Empress !

Spend the rest of the day exploring the city and dine at Podvorie Restaurant
After a visit to this historic jewel you can spend rest of your afternoon indulging in some shopping and self-exploration. Our Travel Engineers recommend checking out the Podvorie Restaurant , their favourite Russian restaurant known to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favourite too!

Later in the evening you will head to the station to catch your train to Moscow.

Moscow - 3 nights

Relax and unwind
Arrive the capital city of Russia, Moscow over a 4 hour fast speed train Saspan from St. Peterburg. You will arrive late therefore upon arrival , you will straight check in to your hotel and catch good overnight sleep at the hotel.

Stunning architecture of Kremlin Museum to the Red Square
After a hearty meal at your hotel, you will start your day with visiting the Kremlin the Armory Museum later in the afternoon. At noon time, you will visit The Russian Diamond Fund that boasts unique collections of the Russian, Western European and Eastern applied arts spanning the period from the 5th to the 20th centuries. End the tour with a walk-through Alexander Garden along the majestic walls of the Kremlin to Red Square.

Ornamented domes and soviet era architecture of Moscow’s metro stations
See the Lenin’s Mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral (from the inside), the wonderfully ornamented onion dome, which is the best- known building in Russia. See the best examples of underground Soviet-era architecture on tour of Moscow’s metro stations! Visit Moscow’s must-see stations, including iconic Mayakovskaya, and learn all about Stalin’s visions for the former Soviet Union. Hear about the Metro-2, a secret line said to have been used by the government and KGB, and see grandiose architecture, mosaics, sculptures and more Then visit The State Tretyakov Gallery, showcasing more than 170,000 works by Russian artists from early religious paintings to modern art.

Watch world renowned Circus Nikulin
After a great visit and acquainting yourself to the city, our Travel Engineers recommend watching a show at the World renowned Circus Nikulin to complete your Russian Experience. Since the 18th century, the circus has played a key role in Russian cultural traditions and it is considered an art form, just like opera or ballet, performed by creative and talented artists.

Take a city tour starting from Red Square to Novodevichi Convent and indulge in some Sovenir shopping
Next morning embark on a city tour by bus, starting with the Red Square Walk. Red Square is the central square of the capital of Russia. It is the symbol of the city, its heart. Its appearance reflects the entire history of Russia. The square is located at the eastern wall of the Kremlin and confined on all sides by St Basils’ Cathedral, the building of the State Historical Museum, as well as the famous gigantic GUM Building. Followed by, Arbat Street for souvenir shopping. You will continue to visit the lovely Novodevichi Convent, with its cluster of sparkling dome and gorgeous turreted wall. It is the best- known cloister of Moscow.

Watch Russian Ballet at Bolshoi Theatre
Later in the evening our Travel Engineers recommend watching traditional Russian Ballet at greatest theatres in the world, The Bolshoi Theatre. After a long day grab some good night’s rest back at your hotel

Golden Ring - 2 nights

Visit the Vatican of Russia – SergiyevPosad
Today morning you will drive to explore the Golden Ring cluster starting with SergiyevPosad from Moscow over 2 hour drive. SergiyevPosad grew up in the 15th century around one of the greatest of Russian monasteries, the Troitse-Sergiyeva(Trinity) Lavraestablished by St. Sergius of Radonezh. It is located 90 kilometers from Moscow and sometimes called the "Vatican" of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Overnight stay at the open air museum city Suzdal known for its preserved architecture
After a quick pitstop here , you will further head to Suzdal referred as the open air museum for the number of old buildings that have been preserved and the lack  of industrialisation. As you arrive late here , you spend overnight at your hotel in Suzdal before continuing further on the golden ring.

Visit Russia’s ancient St Demetrius cathedral
This morning you will head out further on the Golden Ring with a tour to the Vladimir City just 30 mins from Suzdal, to visit the world famous Architectural monument , the Cathedral of the Assumption and one of the most beautiful and original cathedrals of ancient Russia St Demetrius Cathedral.

Visit Our Saviour and St Euthimius on return to Suzdal
Further on return back to Suzdal to visit the museum in the town with more than 200 historical and architectural monument. A museum with wooden architecture where the peasant’s life has been created on the site of the former monastery of Our Saviour and St Euthimius. After a long exploring the golden ring , you may rest at your hotel overnight in Suzdal.

Moscow - 1 night

Visit Aleksandrov Kremlin en-route Moscow followed by day at leisure in Moscow
On your last day , you will return back to Moscow over a 4 hour drive , en route stop halfway at Aleksandrov – the temporary residence of Ivan the Terrible. Visit of the Aleksandrov Kremlin. It served as the capital of Russia for three months (from December 1564 to February 1565) under Tsar Ivan the Terrible until he agreed to return his court and the relics of Moscow which he had taken with him. Later return back to Moscow and spend evening strolling and some last minute shopping. Later spend the evening at your hotel to catch an early flight back home next day.

That brings us to the end of your Russian escapade ! Time to pack up and return back home.


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Warm to hot dry summers and (very) cold winters with temperatures of -30°C


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