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Japan’s Golden Circle – Futuristic Cities, breath-taking landscapes and timeless culture

  • Tokyo - Mt. Fuji - Kyoto - Osaka


March- July-during Cherry-Blossom


8 nights

Starting From

INR 1,30,000 (p.p)


  • Urban tourist spots -Tokyo Skytree, Akihabara, Ginza and Sumida river cruise in Tokyo
  • Scenic views of Mt Fuji and relaxing traditional Japanese Ryokan stay 
  • Relaxing Onsen Hot Springs dip with breath-taking views of Mt. Fuji
  • Premium brand shopping at Japan’s largest outlet- Gotemba Premium Outlet
  • Beautiful shrines and temples set in beautiful natural surroundings in Kyoto
  • Vibrant shopping Dotonbori district and historic Osaka Castle in Osaka


3 nights

Day 1

Absorb the vibe of sprawling megacity at night

Touchdown the futuristic yet traditional vibrant city of Tokyo over eight-hour flight from Delhi. As you arrive you will be transferred to the main Tokyo area over 1-hour drive from the airport. Unwind and after you’re refreshed, step out to explore the sprawling megacity bursting with a seemingly limitless number of things to do.

Day 2

Visit the iconic Tokyo Skytree

After good night’s rest, today you will start your day with visiting the famous Tokyo Skytree , a radio tower standing tall at the height of 634m. The shape was inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and designed to look like a tree stretching up towards the sky.

Visit Tokyo’s oldest temple Sensoji Temple and indulge in Japanese handicrafts at Nakamise-dori street

Later explore Tokyo’s oldest temple, The Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. It is a famous tourist spot known for the preserved traditional shopping and entertainment district of Shitamachi. You can buy traditional Japanese handicrafts and variety of souvenirs from Nakamise- dori shopping arcade along the way approaching the temple.

Cruise over Sumida river to beautiful Hamarikyu Garden and enjoy Japanese tea & sweets at the Tea House – Get beautiful cherry blossom views in Spring

If you’re travelling during cherry blossom season you could take a relaxing waterbus cruise down the Sumida River cruising alongside the Tokyo bay with spectacular views of Cherry Blossom alongside. Take the cruise to beautiful Hamarikyu Garden. Stroll around the beautifully landscaped gardens around the Shiori Pond and cross its bridges to the teahouse in the center. Enjoy a refreshing Japanese tea along with Japanese sweets here. It’s a perfect way to start your holiday in Japan.

Shop at the electronics paradise Akihabara

Alternatively, you could visit buzzing Akihabara known for its electronics, household items , anime and video games. Indulge in shopping here at big retail shops and small stalls selling electronics.

Day 3

Shop at Ginza and Shinjuku

Today you are free to explore the vibrant city at your own pace. Indulge in array of dining options from theme cafes to Michelin star restaurants. Discover the vibrant and colorful fashion districts of Harajuku and Shibuya. Indulge quirky cafes and clothing and admire the colorful street art here. If you’re looking to indulge in upscale boutiques , high tech electronics and jewellery head out to Ginza shopping district or head out straight to Shinjuku commercial district.

Explore the Imperial Palace and visit Odaiba

Alternatively you could explore the majestic Imperial Palace, residence of Japan’s Emperor or take the futuristic Yurikamome train to hi tech entertainment hub , Odaiba where you can enjoy views of Mt. Fuji from Daikanransha Ferris wheel. Spend an exciting day here and indulge in cafes and bars by the seaside , interact with the robots at Miraikan science museum and enjoy the exciting Aqua city and Venice themed VenusFort.

Mt Fuji

2 nights

Day 5

Arrive at peaceful and beautiful Kawaguchiko Resort Town by Kawaguchiko Lake on the foothills of Mt Fuji

Today we will whisk you away from the hustle bustle of Tokyo to the beautiful and peaceful resort town Kawaguchiko resort town by the Kawaguchiko Lake over 1 hour 30 mins drive from Tokyo. Kawaguchiko lake is one of the most accessible lakes of the five lakes of Mount Fuji and offers spectacular views of the largest mountain of Japan and a world heritage site Mount Fuji from the foothills. It is nothing less than a paradise during cherry blossom season.

Stay at a traditional Ryokan (Onsen) and enjoy picture perfect views of Mt Fuji in the backdrop of thatched roof cottages of Oshino Hakkai

After checking into your Ryokan accommodation (A traditional Japanese Onsen) head to Oshino Hakkai for picture perfect view of Mt. Fuji in the backdrop of traditional preserved thatched roof cottages around the serene ponds. Explore the open-air museum Hannoki Bayashi Shiryokan and grab an early lunch by the pondside food stalls.

Take relaxing Onsen hot spring dip with breath-taking panoramic views

Return back to your Ryokan and immerse yourself in the Japanese culture and relax your body and soul by taking a dip in a hot spring (onsen ) with breath-taking panoramic views. Unwind and enjoy a comfortable stay.

Day 6

Reflective waters of Lake Kawaguchiko

Next morning wake up early to grab best views of Mt Fuji, head towards the lake for spectacular views Mt Fuji reflecting on the crystal-clear waters of Kawaguchiko Lake. Before stepping out enjoy another relaxing Onsen dip.

Discounted Premium Brands shopping at Gotemba premium outlets

Later head out to Japan’s largest premium outlet mall, Gotemba Premium Outlets, spend your day indulging in premium brands at heavily discounted prices. The mall is 40 mins from Kawaguchiko. It has over 200 brand shops, great eateries and beautiful views of Mt Fuji.

Fuji Q Highland park at the base of Mt Fuji foothills with exciting rollercoaster rides and panoramic Mt. Fuji cable ride

Alternatively, you can spend your day at the popular Fuji Q Highland located at the base of Mt Fuji known for its fastest and steepest roller coaster rides and exciting anime-themed attractions. You could even enjoy stunning panoramic views of Mt Fuji from a cable ride 1000 metres on top of Mt Tenjo.

Return back to Kawaguchiko for a relaxing overnight stay.


1 night

Day 7

Japanese fast bullet train experience to Kyoto

The next morning you will drive 3 hours to Toyohashi to catch a super-fast classic Japanese Bullet train to your next destination Kyoto. As you arrive Kyoto over 1-hour journey, you will quickly check in to your hotel.

Spectacular city views from Kiyomizu dera temple’s deck and stunning hillside views and waterfalls

After you’re refreshed head out for a guided tour to discover the beautiful Buddhist temple

Kiyomizu Dera Temple. A 10-minute walk uphill will take you to this beautiful temple on top of the mountain with spectacular views of the city. You will see its famous lattice supported huge deck that is captured in popular images of Japan. During spring you will can get stunning views of the hillside blanketed with cherry blossom. Visit the Jitsu Shrine here dedicated to the deity of matchmaking and don’t miss drinking of the streams of Otowa waterfalls for good luck.

Magical canals of vermillion tori gates of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine , local delicacies and original fortune cooking

Later visit the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine an important Shinto shrine famous for its thousands of vibrant vermillion tori gates leading upto to sacred Mt Inari. Walk through the tori gates that form tunnels that lead upto trails to wooded forest of sacred Mt. Inari. Our Travel Engineers recommend trying sujiura senbei a Japenese sweet known to be the original fortune cookie dating back to the 19th century, you will find them in shops leading to  the shrine. You will also find many white fox statues around the shrine, these fox were the Inari’s fox messengers known as Kitsune. As per Japanese mythology Kitsune liked aburaage or deep-fried tofu hence all restaurants leading upto the shrine serve Kitsune udon noodles and sushi a must try delicious delicacy here.

Spot a beautiful apprentice Geisha , indulge in Japanese ceramics and dyed silk while walking around Gion

Later in the afternoon visit Gion on a guided walking tour. Meander around and admire the Japanese wooden tea houses and indulge in some high-end restaurants and bars here.  You will catch the sight of some of Kyoto’s beautiful apprentice Geisha on their way to lessons.

Our Travel Engineers recommend bringing back Japanese handmade ceramics and porcelain known as Kiyomizu Yaki characterized by the painted overglaze enamel and Kyoto’s silk dyed in vivid colors and complex patterns by a specific dyeing technique Kyo Yuzen.


1 night

Day 8

Kinkakuji Temple visit in Kyoto in the morning

After good night’s rest kickstart your day early with a guided tour admiring picture perfect Kyoto’s Kinkakuji Temple- The Golden Pavilion, a UNESCO world heritage site with its gleaming gold roofs reflecting on the pond below with dense forests and pines in the backdrop. Dating back to the 14th century this oldest Buddhist Zen Temple is truly an enchanting sight.

Drive to Osaka

Later in the morning after absorbing Kyoto’s distinguished culture you will be transferred to the city known for its playful vibe, history and culture; Osaka over a 1-hour drive from Kyoto. You will arrive Osaka at noon

Visit the famous Osaka Castle

After quickly getting refreshed at your hotel you will head out to discover the Japanese history on guided tour to Osaka Castle one of the most visually enchanting creations of Japan with its history dating back almost over 450 years. Wander around the beautiful gardens and admire the architecture marvel of the five storied castle. With Sakura blossom adds up to the beauty during the Cherry Blossom season.

Spend the day at retail and food heaven – The vibrant Dotonbori district by the canal

Later in the afternoon head out to the retail heaven the popular Dotonbori district that sits beside a 400-year-old canal. Dotonbori is known for its lively atmosphere with neon lights of the signboards and colorful décor. Explore the Shinsaibasi-suji shopping streets with array of shops from budget to highend brands alongwith infinite number of cafes and restaurants to eat at. You can spend some time watching people and the cool Japanese kids hangout at Amerikamura here.

Indulge in local delicacies and visit Floating Garden observatory for magnificent views of Osaka Castle

Later in the evening head back to your hotel and relax. Explore the vibrant city at night at ease. Indulge in local delicacies Okonomiyaki a shredded cabbage pancake with some interesting toppings of your choice that is usually cooked on your table or left for you to cook yourself ! Our Travel Engineers recommend heading to the famous Umeda Sky building where you can admire illuminated Osaka’s cityscape at night from its Floating Garden Observatory at a height of 170 metres. The admissions close here at 10 pm , make sure you reach in time.

That brings you to the end of a great Japanese escapade. Next day its time to pack up and return back to India from Osaka via Tokyo.







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