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Discovering the Golden Triangle and the Royal Capitals of Scandinavia

  • Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo with Optional Northern Lights tour to Alta, Tromso


All Year


9 Nights

Starting From

INR 1000 (p.p)


  • Scenic Train journey from bustling nightlife Stockholm to Copenhagen
  • Popular Støget street and city’s iconic sight Nyhavn in Copenhagen followed by Cruising to Oslo
  • Journey to Tromso from Oslo to discover the magical Northern Lights

Stockholm, Sweden
3 Nights

Spend a relaxing night in the Swedish Capital
Touchdown Stockholm-Arlanda Airport , as you arrive we will whisk you away to your remarkable hotel in this Swedish Capital. After unwinding at your hotel head out and absorb the vibe of the city before retiring early to bed to recuperate yourself and begin your Scandinavian experience.

Visit the iconic Vasa Ship Museum, Blue Hall and buy Stockholm pass to experience free sightseeing tours and discounts at shops and restaurants
Today after hearty breakfast at your hotel head to the iconic Vasa Ship Museum that displays the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. Our Travel Engineers recommend buying My Stockholm Pass that gives you free admission to 75 experiences and sightseeing tours! Make sure you leave some time to visit the City Halls famous Blue Hall. In the evening indulge some great restaurants and shops in the city and enjoy discounts with City pass.

Explore narrow alleys and medieval houses of Stockholm’s charming old town and take a ferry to Fjaderholmarna
After indulging in a hearty Scandinavian breakfast at your hotel it’s time to venture out to see more of magnificent Stockholm. Our Travel Engineer recommend you visit the city’s charming old town with its mysterious narrow alleys and well preserved medieval houses. Further on spend your afternoon in Fja?derholmarna, the closest of Stockholm’s Archipelago islands about 30 mins ferry ride, where you can browse the local handicrafts, and enjoy an authentic Swedish dinner at your choice of restaurants.

Copenhagen, Denmark
2 Nights

Take a morning train to Copenhagen and explore Carlsberg brewery & city’s bustling Strøget Street in the evening
After a hearty breakfast at the hotel it’s time to board the train for your next destination Copenhagen over a 5 hour train from Stockholm. On board admire the scenic views of Southern Sweden. Once you’ve arrived and settled in your hotel at the city centre, you head out to the popular Strøget Street and indulge in some great cafes and pubs. If you arrive early in the day you could explore the famous Carlsberg brewery, only 3.5 km by bus from central Copenhagen and spend the next 2 days exploring the charming city

Admire the historic sights and colourful buildings of Nyhavn on a guided walking tour
Copenhagen is best explore walking, on your third day take a 3 hour walking tour to the downtown of city which is famous for its picturesque cobblestone streets, historic castles, and 17th-century architecture. Explore Copenhagen’s most popular districts such as Nyhavn the wonderful colourful Harbour Front with instaworthy views of the colourful buildings and see the city’s famous castles, squares, and gardens—all with the full attention of your guide.

Overnight on Cruise
1 Night

Get on Board DFDS Crown Seaways or Pearl Seaways cruise in  the afternoon for an overnight journey to Oslo
By late afternoon it’s time to board the ship DFDS Crown Seaways or Pearl Seaways 
to Oslo, which cruises gently up the Kattegat Sund on its way to Norway’s capital city. Take part in the dancing and entertainment on board or just relax and watch the sunset from the deck.

Oslo, Norway
1 Night

Arrive early to Oslo, take a half day city tour, Ski Jump at Holmenkollen and indulge at bustling shopping street Bogstadveien
After spending a cosy night in your cruise cabin you now arrive early to port in the scenic Oslo Fjord. After checking in to your hotel you will head out for a quick half day city tour to explore historical and architectural highlights of the city including iconic Vigeland Park a verdant enclave dedicated to the work of Norwegian Sculptor Gustav Vigiland, Holmenkollen Ski Jump for and opportunity of Ski Jump and sweeping views of the Oslo city ending with the Kon tiki Museum to hear details of the Thor Heyerdahl’s incredible voyages and see the rafts he used for sailing across the world’s ocean! Later in the afternoon bask in the cosmopolitan glow of Bogstadveien, Oslo’s busy shopping street and enjoy a relaxed evening!

Alta & Tromso
4 Nights optional Northern Lights tour

Optional tour to Tromso to view Northern Lights, experience stay at an Igloo Hotel and indulge in exciting activities!
Travel Engineers recommend you extend your stay in Norway and travel north towards Alta and Tromso to witness the natural wonder of Northern Lights, experience a stay at an Igloo hotel and indulge in exciting activities like husky safari, snow mobiling and more. You could opt for a direct flight to Alta extend your stay in Norway by 4 nights and continue your Scandinavian journey once you return back to Oslo.

Look up our Northern Lights Odyssey – 4 nights itinerary in the itinerary section for Scandinavia for details on this tour

Stockholm, Sweden
1 Night

Today you will be boarding the return train to Stockholm in the afternoon for a 6 hour journey. After you arrive spend your evening enjoying electrifying nightlife of the Swedish capital from your centrally-located hotel.

That brings you to the end of your Scandinavian journey, today you get on board your flight back to India .


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Humid Continental Climate with Cold Winters

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