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Let’s get that gang together! – A luxury getaway to Almaty

  • Almaty


All Year Round


5 Nights

Starting From

INR 70,000 (p.p)


  • Get on board a private luxurious limousine and explore the hottest nightclubs of Almaty
  • Get an adrenaline rush shooting an AK47 & Buggy riding in Almaty
  • Snowbarding in Shymbulak Ski Resort
  • Optional Paragliding over Big Almaty Lake followed by a Picnic setup
  • Optional riding a glider aircraft/gyrocopter
  • Exclusive shopping experience in Almaty.

5 Nights

With youngsters constantly seeking newer experiences around the world, Almaty is one of the most upcoming destination offering a wide array of experiences from vibrant nightlife to exciting adventurous excursions and great shopping experience.

Easily accessible from Delhi over a quick 4-hour flight from Delhi, Almaty will surprise you with its bustling city surrounded by jaw dropping landscapes. Our Travel Engineers have handpicked unique and exciting experiences to make your Bachelor’s/Bachelorette a holiday you will remember for a lifetime!

Luxurious Limousine ride followed by exploring hottest nightclubs and trying your luck at a Casino in Almaty
Get on board a private stretch limo or a hummer and set out to explore the crazy and happening night clubs of Almaty. On board enjoy an extravagant & luxurious set up with cocktails & drinks driving around the city with your friends. Later explore bustling and hottest nightclubs of Almaty on a guided party tour! Later in the night explore the bustling try your luck at a popular casino. Our Travel Engineers recommend exploring Bellagio Casino and the modern & stylish Bombay Casino

Indulge in adventure activities like Buggy ride and shooting an AK47
If you’re seeking some adrenaline , spend your day indulging in some adventure sports. Enjoy exciting buggy adventure in Kaskelen , a small town about 50 km west of Almaty. Here you can ride a buggy over steep slopes and ditches on a rugged adventurous route across ravines. Later get your adrenaline rushing with AK47 shooting experience under experienced and licenced instructor. Its once in a lifetime opportunity !

Enjoy Snowboarding , relaxing cafes and spectacular views at Shymbulak Ski Resort
Whether you’re traveling with your boys or you’re a group of girls, Shymbulak Ski Resort is one of the most exciting experience in Almaty. Kickstart your day with an exciting expedition to the Shymbulak Ski Resort located in the Zailiyskiy Alatau Mountain for a day filled with adventure in a paradise you will remember for a lifetime. You will take the world’s third longest Gondola car  with a length of 4.5 km from Medeu to the base of Shybulak 3200m above the sea level. You will get spectacular views of majestic mountains, snowy slopes , Tien Shan and Talgar pass.

On top enjoy snowboarding, skiing, indulge in amazing cafes and restaurants and admire 360 degree views from the observation deck. If you seek mountain silence and spend your time admiring the snowy mountains the resort offers high end hotel stay. You could plan to stay a night here or just simply take a day trip and enjoy the gorgeous views and weather.

Fly a glider Aircraft or a Gyrocopter over the stunning landscapes of Almaty
Have you ever dreamt about flying an aircraft? Sitting on the pilot seat in the cockpit piloting the aircraft with stunning aerial views below. Almaty will make this dream come true with a thrilling experience of flying an aircraft where you and your friends can perform exciting Aerial acrobatics making sharp turnings, nose dives etc after a guided learning and familiarization session.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Gyrocopter also known as ‘Motorbike of the sky’ with an open or a fully enclosed cockpit. You can fly a gyrocopter alongside a trained professional to ensure that you don’t miss the thrilling experience.

Go Paragliding over Big Almaty Lake and enjoy an exciting Picnic with your friends
Absorb the surreal beauty of The Big Almaty Lake over a guided paragliding around the lake where you can get spectacular views of the lake below. You and your friends can plan this experience together and capture your experience on a video. Upon landing, enjoy a picnic setup with your friends , reliving your experience through the photographs and videos shot during the excursion. Our Travel Engineers, highly recommend this experience , which will make up for a memory of a lifetime.

Enjoy a great shopping experience
No holiday is complete without a unique shopping experience. Almaty is a shopping paradise where you can shop till you drop at upscale malls and explore quirky things shopping on vibrant street markets. Our Travel Engineers recommend Mega Mall or Essentai if you’re looking to indulge in some modern luxury shopping or head out to the local Zielony bazaar.

Plan your holiday with your friends to Almaty , add experiences that best match your mood and style to your itinerary and make it a holiday you will remember for a lifetime!






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